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miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2008

Último número de la Revista Habitat International. Vol. 32. n.2 (Jun.2008)

Vol. 32, no.2 (Jun. 2008) disponible en ScienceDirect

Habitat International Volume 32, Issue 2, Pages 137-282 (June 2008)Labour in Urban Areas Edited by Edmundo Werna

1. Editorial Board/Publication Information Page IFC

Labour in Urban Areas


2. Labour in urban areas: An introduction Pages 137-140 Edmundo Werna


3. Urban labour markets in the 21st century: Dualism, regulation and the role(s) of the State Pages 141-159 Smita Srinivas

4. Promoting decent work in the construction sector: the role of local authorities Pages 160-171 Roderick J. Lawrence, Mariana Paredes Gil, Yves Flückiger, Cedric Lambert and Edmundo Werna

5. Decent work in Santo André: Results of a multi-method case study Pages 172-179 Mariana Paredes Gil, Roderick J. Lawrence, Yves Flückiger, Cedric Lambert and Edmundo Werna

6. Social dialogue for urban employment: Changing concepts and practices Pages 180-191 Carlien Van Empel

7. Organizing informal workers in the urban economy: The case of the construction industry in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Pages 192-202 Arthur Jason

8. Securing decent work and living conditions in low-income urban settlements by linking social protection and local development: A review of case studies Pages 203-222 Luis Frota

9. Contextualising workers’ health and safety in urban settings: The need for a global perspective and an integrated approach Pages 223-236 Francoise Barten, Vilma Sousa Santana, Larama Rongo, Walter Varillas and Trevino A. Pakasi

10.Cities, international labor migration and development: Towards an alternative research agenda Pages 237-247 Jeroen Johannes Klink

11. Diversification and security? Labour mobilization among urban poor households in Kabul, Afghanistan Pages 248-260 Paula Kantor

12. Social capital, livelihood and upward mobility Pages 261-269 Arup Mitra

13. Employment creation through participatory urban planning and slum upgrading: The case of Kitale, Kenya Pages 270-282 Michael Majale

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